Code XT 18S

DV Audio 4000 Watt Passive Cabinet Subbass

Key Features

  • Smaller sized powerful products
  • Class D Power Amplifier
  • Three way embeded DSP controller and software

Today, design concepts evolve on smaller sized powerful products. DA VINCI created the Code to keep the evolution line offering a solution to the market with its smaller size, better high performance design by the new digital technology inside.

Code is not just powerful, it is also rigid and consists of long lasting design elements with high quality durable materials to be used by P.A. installers, event organisers for professional use.

DA VINCI Code XT 18s professional speakers are recommended for nightclubs, discos, bars, shopping centers, stadiums, auditorium installations, portable entertainment and DJ systems, small sized touring systems.


18’’ Woofer Driver
Maximum Peak SPL (1m,free field) : 136 dB
Total Musical Power : 2000 / 4000 Watts
Box Construction : Baltic Birch Plywood
Paint: Water-based
Color : Black