We develop new products by acting based on the user and location needs in line with our sense of unique and innovative design. We include the experienced and creative individuals in our DV design and R&D team.

DV design process initiates upon analysis of the relationship between the location, product and user by our team as well as upon creation of user scenarios.
Upon the needs identified, the initial sketches for the product are prepared. Our Industrial Design team play a role in each stage ranging from the sketch process to the rapid prototyping and three dimensional digitizing process.

The current product can be considered through the approaches focusing on the user/use, production and market. A new production method can be planned through a new technology method, and a new product concept can be created, accordingly. Our R&D team can revise and make up the product, made available for production, based on the need.

DV R&D team with their progressive design solution improving continuously through its experimental approach has established a research field in the sound systems, and has created a research and development environment, consisting of the product design, user/use in the product development fields, and of the design, prototyping and three dimensional digitizing based on the location needs. Our R&D team develops the products for the future, with the innovative solutions, through the Industrial Design, Acoustical and Engineering works.

The products, developed by our R&D team in our production site where we combine our innovative and unique lines with our high quality production methods, are adjusted for the mass production by our production team. Cabin production, electronic production, mounting, product test, acoustic test, etc. are subjected to the stage and production methods, and are made available for use.